About Overkill Photography

Oregon Coast

Overkill Photography is the culmination of a life long passion for taking amazing photos. From the first time my parents let me use their 110 camera, to my first 35mm (a cheap plastic camera that I received with my Sports Illustrated subscription) I seemed to always be able to capture “The Shot”. Whether it was capturing my buddies launching their skateboards off our homemade ramp, or the amazing landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, people have always said that I have an “eye” for great photos. Some years back, I took a leap and purchased my first modern DSLR camera. After I started using┬áthat camera, something deep inside told me that this is what I was meant to do, and after taking a formal photography class that only reinforced my desire to make amazing photos, I decided to begin my journey into professional photography. Every day I try to learn something new, and work to hone my skills and improve my craft. I started out with “Natural Light” photography, but soon became frustrated with only being able to shoot during perfect light. I started learning “Studio Lighting” and became very proficient at indoor photography. I applied the skill set I learned in my studio to outdoor photography to create an unbeatable combination for shooting at almost any time of day! Photography is my passion and I absolutely look forward to capturing your special moment with Overkill Photography.